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The typical family that reaches out to me believes that the only option for a senior living option is the term that I’ve mentioned above.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have a bad stigma about Dallas nursing homes because families have horror stories what might have occurred 20 or 30 years ago, but I can tell you things are a lot different today and you would be surprised on the differences that you would see when you walk in.  Why should you have to do this alone – let Senior Living Specialists assist you with finding the best fit for your family member in the DFW area so that you don’t have to waste your time touring options that wouldn’t be the right fit or get taken advantage of???

What are Dallas Nursing Homes?

Today this option could also be called a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Dallas Nursing Homes will typically provide more personalized care and attention to residents who do a lot of help with the activities of daily living. A resident living in a Dallas Skilled Nursing Facility wouldn’t be a successful candidate to live in an assisted living since they require a higher level of care.  Just like assisted living, residents will be provided with 3 meals per day and have the opportunities to participate in different social activities.  The one thing that stands out to me for this kind of living option and could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your situation is that a resident typically has a roommate.

Below are a couple of cities in the area that you will be surprised about the number of options that exist.

  • 27 Arlington Long Term Nursing Care Options.
  • 12 Carrollton Skilled Nursing Facilities.
  • 67 Dallas Nursing Homes.
  • 51 Fort Worth Nursing Homes.
  • 22 Frisco Long Term Skilled Nursing Care Facilities.
  • 16 McKinney Nursing Care Facilities.
  • 36 Plano Nursing Homes.
  • 23 Richardson Long Term Nursing Home Facilities.

Cost of Dallas TX Skilled Nursing Home Facilities?

Unfortunately, living in a Dallas Nursing Home tends to be the most expensive living option available.  One of the first questions that families often ask is:  what is the range of cost of Dallas Skilled Nursing Facilities.  The price will vary depending on the location, type of room (private or semi-private) chosen and possibly services needed.  The range in cost that I see for a care home is usually between $3,600 – $7,200 per month.  I know that you’re thinking how can we afford this with how expensive it is – I usually have an idea that families seem to be very happy with so do feel free to reach out to Paul directly at .

We Can Help

Senior Living Specialists has been in existence since 2008 to provide a service to families when needing help going through the senior care maze.  We primarily assist families throughout out the DFW area as this where everybody from Senior Living Specialists lives.  If there are any questions on Dallas area Nursing Homes or you need help in your search, then please feel free to email Paul at:  paul@seniorlivingspecialists.com or you call us at:  .

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