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Do you have a loved one who has been recently diagnosed with a form of memory loss? As families with loved ones living with the disease will tell you, planning early for long term care is an important step. While many people with memory loss or dementia issues can continue to live independently for awhile, it’s likely they’ll eventually need Dallas Dementia Care Facility. The luxury of living in the DFW area is beneficial, as it gives families a lot of different choices from which to choose.

Let’s face it, the average family doesn’t want to be burdened with having to make the right or wrong decision or having to feel guilty about it.  As you might be experiencing at the moment, the caregiver is the one that experiences the most guilt and stress when caring for someone with a cognitive memory impairment.

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Nobody knows when is the right time to make that decision of having to bring an agency into one’s home to assist with care needs or find the appropriate Dementia Care Dallas Facility.  Often times, the caregiver is questioning every move and decision that they make.  Caregivers often ask me when is the right time to decide to move a family member.  I tell each family the answer is when it’s becoming too stressful and too hard for the caregiver to live their own life.

Below is a recent testimonial that I received from a family, that I had the opportunity to assist them with finding the best Dementia Care Dallas Facility for their family member:

“I had gotten your name from a Senior Living Executive Director as they thought you would be the right person for me to talk with since you had gone through this with your own mom.  You provided us with resources that we didn’t know that existed and helped me to find a good caregiver support group.  Your help throughout the entire process was vital and you were a great coach to me in many ways.”  ”  Angela T. Dallas, TX

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Please contact me (Paul) by email at or call me at 214.929.5055, if there are any questions on how we can help to find the best solutions for Dementia Care Dallas options for your family.  As a reminder, there is no cost to each person that contacts us, as Senior Living Specialists is compensated a fixed referral fee if somebody were to move into a senior living option as my company is intended to be a non-biased third party service.